VR Puzzle Game

Narrative/Puzzle Design Reel

SteamVR, Developed March-May 2020


Discarnate is a VR Puzzle game in which the player takes on the role of a member of a witches’ coven, who is trying to resurrect their High Priestess. Players could interact with the witches’ dungeon to search for the pieces of the potion that would bring their High Priestess back from beyond; mixing potions, tearing out the eyes of a newt, and so on.

My Contributions

My focus on this project was first as a Narrative Designer, brought on to straighten out the game’s overall narrative. I spent time reorganizing and clarifying documentation, and bringing the team up to speed with the revised narrative after working within the confines of the original. I also contributed to Puzzle Design on this project, designing the potion puzzle solution and accompanying rhyming riddle.

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